What is Linq?

Linq is a networking platform that allows you to instantly exchange contact information through a QR code.

What is a QR code?

A QR code (or Quick Response code) is a two-dimensional barcode that can be read by smartphones and digitally share information. Your Linq QR code can share your contact information, website, social media links, photo, and more!

Why should I use Linq?

Linq is the future of creating, managing and growing your personal network.  You can completely and seamlessly connect with someone—in seconds. Linq allows you to contextualize your connection with someone with time and place using only your phone’s camera—no app or additional downloads required.

Do I need an app in order to use Linq?

No app is needed in order to use Linq! Although we do have a free Linq app avaliable for download which we recommend! 

What if I have Linq, but someone else does not?

No problem! As long as you have your Linq QR code they can scan you and sign up right then and there and you can exchange information.

Can I Linq with people that other people have Linqed with?

No, but you can request an intro from someone who has!

Is Linq easy to use?

Yes! All you need is an iPhone or Android with a working camera to Linq with someone.

How much does Linq cost?

Linq is free for all users, but Linq Pro is $4.99 per user per month and includes: CRM Integration, Custom Branding, Business Card Scanner, Multiple Profiles, and more!

Linq Pro & Enterprise

How can Linq help improve my business?
  • There is no need to spend money on business cards anymore. 
  • Never forget (or run out of) your business cards again. Your infinitely reusable digital Linq card is always ready in your mobile wallet.
  • No need to order new business cards. Your Linq profile can be updated at   any time, and your changes will sync to all your Linq connections.
  • Share a single online profile. Consolidate all your important links and contact information into one place. 
  • Export all your Linq contacts to Excel. (CRM Integration with Linq Pro)
  • Be safe. You don’t know where those business cards have been. With a quick, contact-free scan, you’re good to go.
  • No manual data entry required!
What CRM's does Linq integrate with?

Linq Pro users have the option to integrate their Linq connections into Saleforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, and more!

What happens if someone hands me a business card?

With our Linq Pro feature you can scan business cards, turn them into Linq connections, and upload them directly into your CRM.

What happens if I change positions or companies?

As long as you update the information in your Linq profile, it is dynamic and will be updated in everyone’s Linq connection page.

Can I have more than one profile?

Yes, users that sign up for Linq Pro can have access to multiple profiles ie. Business, personal, etc…

What is Linq Enterprise & how does it differ from Linq Pro?

Linq Enterprise receives all the same benefits as the Linq Pro user, companies will receive a white labled physical card that reflect’s the company’s specific branding and will act as an unlimited business card for your employees.